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Collaboration service to  Universities

Universities cooperate with a wide range of international institutes. Those collaboration differ from exchange programs for students and PhD’s to joint educational programs for students. Student counsellors have contacts with various universities and colleges and can be the connecting link between the different institutions, making it possible to collaborate. In that sense they can assist institutions to connect in order to offer different services to the students, like taking preparatory classes, going on an exchange year, offering a double degree at two different universities etc.

Educational Counselling

Worldwide there are many degree programs you can follow after graduating from high-school. If you are looking for a suitable course or program and you want to make sense of all the information about possible study destinations, universities, courses and programs you can contact our student counsellors. It is important to get in touch with a student counsellor who has a good understanding of all the important facets of choosing a study. They can guide you in the decision making process. The student counsellor might apply a test to identify your interests, aptitudes and abilities. In the next step they help you to select appropriate courses, schedule subjects and choose educational programs. After the selection process they help in the process of applying for the university, including the motivational letter, attending open days at the chosen university, preparing for entrance tests

Visa Assistance

Studying in another country will form a solid foundation for building your future, boosting your career and be a prospect for a good salary. For some countries you will have to apply for a student visa, which requires various documents. Applying for a visa can be more time consuming than you might think, it is recommendable to get assistance with the required documents and the way of applying for the visa in order to get the visa in time for your starting date. A student counsellor can provide you with accurate and up to date information about immigration rules for students to make your application successful

Pre Departure and Post Arrival Services

Congratulations on having chosen the suitable university to pursue your education. You can start now to settle into life and study at the University of your Choice. In this phase it is crucial to get the information you need before you leave home. This step you can plan carefully with your student counselor, he/she got all the important information to kick start your live in a new city. Together you can make a list of duties to do before leaving for the city of your choice. Most universities offer preparatory courses or introduction weeks. During that time the new enrolled students meet each other and get introduced to the different courses, the campus, and the living area around the university. That is a wonderful time, kick starting your time university life. Once you arrive at your school the student counselor will be available throughout your course to guide you. He/she can update you with university events and can help you with any study related questions.

Scholarship Assistance

You might have realized that studying is a high financial investment and getting all the information about getting financial aid is wide, so it is wise to ask a student counselor to guide you to that process. The student counselor can give you all the necessary information about college funding, the types of scholarships available (which are many), how to find one and how to apply for one. He/she can give you the advice to succeed in getting the best scholarship possible.

Study Abroad Loan Assistance

If you apply for financial aid the university might offer you a loan to pay for tuition fee, books and living expenses. Bank loans are an education in itself and it is better to ask a student counselor, to understand what loans are available, the amount of money you can borrow, the terms and conditions of the loan and how to apply for the loan. The student counselor can guide you to the process of applying for the suitable loan to ensure your funds will be available at the beginning of your studies.

Immigration Assistance

Would you like to immigrate into the country of your dreams? The immigration laws can be complicated and difficult to understand and it is very helpful to get assistance from a person that has all the information about it. The student counsellor can make the immigration process simpler for you to understand and hopefully make it less complicated and stressful. In detail they can help you with preparing and applying for the visa.

Visitor Visas

You are not sure about your study location yet? It would be a good idea to go and see the country before registering at the University of your Choice. In that case it is possible to apply for a visitors visa. Applying for the right visa can be a stressful and complicated job. In that case it is good to get the guidance from a student counsellor who knows and understands the process. He/she can help you in order to get the required documents as well as guide you to the process of applying for a visitor’s visa.

Overseas Work permits

You have always dreamed of gaining valuable international work experience in a foreign country? And now you are a step closer to your dream and the only thing missing is the knowledge of how to get a work permit? Your first step in finding out what documents you need to work in another county is to contact the student counsellor. He/she can provide you with information on the work permit for every country in the world. Furthermore, they can help you with all the required documents as well as writing a motivational letter to the embassy, making it easy for you get a work permit

Work & Study

Do you want to work part time because you face financial pressures, you just want to earn some extra cash besides studying or you want to gain some experience on the job market. In all cases it is important to consult a student counsellor to look for a job that helps you to reach your educational goals. First of all, you can discuss how to manage time in order to produce regular course work, prepare for classes as well as studying for examination. Together you can discuss the benefits and challenges of working next to the study. Furthermore, you can discuss your interests and goals in order to find a suitable job that can benefit your future career. The coach can help you in the process of finding a suitable job. Next to that, they can assist you with checking the terms and conditions of your visa before undertaking paid work

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